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On-Campus Pricing for SIUC Faculty and Students

Microscope Fees per Hour:

  • Hitachi H-7650 TEM: $35/hr
  • FEI Quanta FEG450 SEM with EDS: $25.00/hr
  • Atomic Force Microscope: $25.00/hr
  • Leica Confocal Inverted Microscope:  $25.00/hr

Facility Use Fees:

  • Sputter Coating: $20.00 per run (a maximum of about 12 samples can be coated in one run)

  • Ultramicrotomes: $15.00/hr

  • Critical Point Drying: $25.00/run

Other Services:

  • Formvar coated grids: $5.00/ea
  • SEM Stub Value: $5.00/ea
  • Biological Fixations Values
    • SEM Biological Sample Fixation/Prep: $300+
    • TEM Biological Sample Fication/Prep $300+
  • Light Microscopes Value of $15/hour

Poster Printing:

  • Cost per Running Inch: $1.00/inch

*Our Maximum Printing Media (Width/Height) is 42 inches*

**Our printer is out of order until further notice** For other non-profit faculty and students: Please contact Prof. Punit Kohli at pkohli@chem.siu.edu For-profit companies and institutions (discounts are available): Please contact Prof. Punit Kohli at pkohli@chem.siu.edu